SBCC Commute | CarpoolSBCC Commute | CarpoolCarpooling is a great way to save money – less wear and tear on your car, and less time at the pump!

Earn your parking permit fee back

EARN YOUR PARKING PASS FEE BACK BY CARPOOLING!  @SBCCcommute is paying you back if you carpool to campus the first 8 weeks of the semester! FOLLOW THESE STEPS to get your money back for your semester parking permit:

  1. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter @SBCCcommute
  2. Carpool 10 times during the first 8 weeks of the semester and keep each of the daily carpool slips provided by security/kiosk (this is your proof)
  3. Complete this permit refund form to register for the refund
  4. Bring your 10 carpool slips to the Security Office (located under the bridge on Loma Alta) by the end of the 9th week of the semester. The refund will be credited to your student identification card at the amount you purchased your semester permit for. Daily permits purchased at machines are not applicable to the refund offer.

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Carpooling using

FREE carpooling resources!

25 carpool spots were just added in August of 2016 to lot 5-4 of the parking structure! woohoo!

At there is a carpool matching service which we encourage you to check out and ride with other colleagues on your commute to campus. Sign up and instantaneously generate a list of interested carpoolers, 24 hours a day. Directions:

  1. Sign up free with
  2. Under your “Dashboard” enter your origin and destination address and click “Get There”
  3. It will take you to the map section
  4. You can see match options click “manage your carpool”
  5. Or “Post your own carpool” to start your own carpool – make your profile / posts as private or public as you prefer