SBCC Commute | Electric VehiclesThe SBCC campus has designated parking areas for employees, students, carpoolers and visitors.

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations require a SBCC parking permit (see SBCC Transportation Map). SBCC has eight (8) stations currently located on campus:

  • (4) Lot 4d on the East Campus
  • (4) Lot 1B on the West Campus (above La Playa Stadium)

Public use is open for these stations on weekends or between 10pm and 7am weekdays.Check Charge Point. ChargePoint is the world’s largest and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network with over 26,300 locations.

Ettiquett: We ask that you please move your eCar from the charging stall when charge is complete so that other users may access the charging stations on campus. Please email to be connected with an email group of eCar users and coordinate among each other for as needed access.

SBCC encourages electric and hybrid vehicles! Read SBCC’s newpaper coverage by The Channels article about Campus Electric Vehicles